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The Ultimate Reusable Silicone Bags

Cooking, Freezing, Fridge and Storage. 100% Plastic-Free, Non-Toxic. Volumised designed for more.

Pack Smart, Travel Safe

Compact, Lightweight, Leak-free versatile storage for carefree travelling.

Simple One-Piece Design

No extra components and no fuss. We help you to keep it all together without losing your bananas.

Why you'll love Sileco

Cooking, Meal Prep, Marinade & Smoothies

Reusable & Versatile

You can use Sileco for cooking, meal prepping, snacks, storage, and even toiletries on the plane to avoid liquids exploding into your bag. It's a compact, lightweight design with a leakproof seal. It's the ultimate multipurpose solution for the minimalist, whether you enjoy being homebound or travelling.


Save Money & Less Waste

We designed Sileco containers for the goodness of the environment. One Sileco can replace thousands of disposable bags which could have ended up in the ocean or landfill. Sileco is an investment in quality and helps you to save money and reduce clutter in the long run.


Premium Food-Grade Silicone

Sileco is made from 100% pure premium silicone - meaning it won't leach harmful chemicals like plastic can. Sileco is entirely free from plastics, BPA, BPS, lead, phthalates, etc. Our materials comply with FDA, LFGB and EU food standards. Sileco is a safer and healthier choice for you and your family.


Invest in Quality, Reduce Waste & Save Money

At Sileco, we believe in a future where quality meets sustainability, where investing wisely not only saves you money but also contributes to a greener planet.

Tired of juggling lids, bottoms and other moving pieces that always seem to vanish when you need them the most? Our one-piece design ensures you keep it all together. Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to simplicity.

Our functional designs are crafted to offer versatility, allowing you to do more with fewer possessions. Embrace a clutter-free life and discover more opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

Poised Orderly Elegance

At Sileco, Washbag mess-free packing and organisation means no more leaky, cloth-ruining disaster and poised, orderly elegance.

Our TSA-approved storage is easy to clean and a compact solution to keep everything safe and secure. Sileco helps you organise better and less clutter means finding things easier and more productive.

Volumised Storage To Save Space in Pantry, Freezer and Fridge

At Sileco, we help you to invest in your health by cooking simple, healthy foods to be ready in just a few minutes. Get ahead and stock your freezer with healthy, family-friendly quick, and easy meals that you can warm up in a flash.

A readily available nutritious meal is essential, and Sileco helps you make cooking and meal prepping convenient to ensure your busy life is fueled with healthy foods.

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