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More ways to use Sileco

How Sileco Shines Inside of the Kitchen?

There are so many ways you can utilise Sileco outside of the kitchen. Some of the ways we have seen our customers use these amazing storage products are as follows:

  • Great for meal prepping. You can store your cut fruit or veggies so they are ready to use anytime
  • Freeze your berries and fruit. Compact and space saving. Store your smoothie ingredients in the freezer, without having to deal with cracked containers!
  • The ideal way to pack your lunch. Are you on the go in the morning? Silceo can easily be stored in your bag with a prepared meal as you rush out the door.
  • Keep your left-overs fresh! Store and easy transfer your leftover meals from the fridge into the microwave
  • Store your kitchen scraps for compost. When you cook, there’s now a place to store your veggie scraps and left-overs before they end up in your compost bin. 

How Sileco Shines Inside of the Kitchen?

  • Pack Your Toiletries. If you need a TSA approved or liquid bags when travelling Sileco is the ideal companion in your hand luggage. Our leak-free bags come in big or smaller sizes. 
  • Store Your Makeup. Now there’s a washable alternative for storing makeup when travelling. For instance, keep your tinted moisturiser from exploding in your gym bag.
  • Store Your Bathers. Heading to the beach or pool? With Sileco you can store wet bikinis and sunscreen in your beach bags without making the rest of your bag wet!
  • Great for Camping and Outdoor Activities: Sileco is the ideal storage container for packing snacks on a weekend getaway or on the road. Whether it's camping, hiking, fishing, boating or heading to the beach, now there’s a perfect way to take your energy bars and bliss balls, nuts and trail mix with you.

Ways to care for Sileco

Care for what you have

Sileco bags are quality made and designed for everyday life and in all climates and conditions. To get the best out of your Sileco containers, we recommend you:

  • Seal the bag firmly with two hands to close it before using it in the microwave, oven or over a pot of hot boiling water. Please be cautious of contents after heating as they will be very hot.
  • Always leave the Sileco seal open when microwaving or cooking over the cooktop to allow steam to vent. 
  • Press firmly and squeeze excess air from the pouch when used in the freezer to ensure the bag stays sealed. 
  • Keep away from the sharp object to avoid punching the bag. 

How to Clean Sileco

Nobody likes to wash dishes, so we’ve designed Sileco to be hassle-free when cleaning. It’s a simple process to keep your Sileco bag looking new. All you need to do is the following:

  • Clean straight after use to avoid staining.  
  • Use soda powder and vinegar to make a paste to spread onto the surface and inside of the bag to leave it to soak and wash off the stain.
  • Turn the bag upside down and place it in the dishwasher for a hands-free clean, or
  • Gently hand wash the Sileco bag with detergent in warm water and hang the bag upside down onto a drying rack.