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Our Vision

September 08 2020 – Grace Diprose

Our Vision
Our Vision
Maintaining a healthy planet, has become the focal point for many across the globe in recent years, but there has been numerous habits and ergonomic barriers that are preventing those dedicated to transcending to the next level. We at Sileco, see it as our mission to take the sustainable markets to new heights, and give those that care, a chance to do their part and change the world for the better. 
Homeland Australia 
Australia has seen much destruction and devastation in the passing years, more so because of the rapidly changing climate caused by our inefficient methods of reducing pollution across the country.


Our country’s amazing beaches and picturesque coastline are threatened by an increasingly urgent waste crisis. According to the Greenpeace Australia, over 130kg of plastic are used up by the average Australian citizen every single year, and just a measly 9% of that consumption is recycled for later use. And for the plastic that isn’t dumped in landfills and left to pollute the soil, the remaining 130,000 tonnes settles in our waterways and oceans to sit and collect in large poisonous islands, floating off the coast of this beautiful country for decades to come. This trend will continue, and most likely grow in the coming years. 


Protect Australia Beautiful Ocean and Wildlife

That is why we must take a stand, and makes the necessary alterations before it’s too late. Studies have already proven that the plastic released into our oceans is consumed by wildlife, which is then captured by fishermen and served to us in restaurants and supermarkets. We are effectively poisoning our own food, and endangering not just ourselves, but many other innocent wildlife animals in the ocean, and on the land. We may look at the oceans, and are sometimes unaware at the damage we cause simply because the bodies of water are so wide, and so deep, that we don’t think that such a small and insignificant bottle or bag could possibly harm or even kill an animal. 

A Small Change today Start with You: Reduce Single-use Plastic Products

But sadly that is the ignorance that leads to so many fatal interactions between wildlife, and the millions of plastic bags and bottles that are thrown away. Numerous marine animals such as sea turtles, will choke on the plastic bags that are mistaken for jellyfish. Seabirds become entangled in drifting fishing gear, and larger mammals like whales can starve because their stomachs are so full of plastic debris they’ve accidentally consumed whilst hunting for small fish. 


The plastics you can’t see can be just as harmful, and even fatal. Plankton and many other smaller sea creatures can ingest these microplastics, making its way up the food chain and onto our plates. This means that the average human is unknowingly consuming up to 5 grams of plastic per week, even if we can’t see it in our food. Just a simple decision such as choosing a plastic-free product over a product that is made from even 50% plastic is massively saving the environment. Reusable items are the best way to keep this habit up, and reduce the purchase of needless waste that is just thrown into the ocean for the fish to eat. 

Putting a hand up to plastic and supporting reusable items is the message we are trying to enforce, and spread across Australia, New Zealand, and the rest of the world if possible. That is the only way to truly have an impact, and to inform those in power that many of us that truly care, want to see some serious changes.

Sileco Reusable Container: A Solution for You, Family and the Planet 


We are starting with our own project. To help those with either restraint to their budget, or anyone who wishes to join the cause. Our reusable plastic bags are incredibly durable, safe to use in the microwave should you need to, dishwasher safe, fine to use in the fridge, and can also be shoved in the oven if you fancy a spot of cooking. This multipurpose bag will save you pennies, but it will also save countless lives across Australia, which is far more important. Available in multiple sizes, our mission is to provide these bags across Australia, and to those that support a healthy and natural planet. Not a planet riddled with plastic and pollutants. 

A Step in the Right Direction

We have taken these steps to ensure that our own reusable and non-toxic silicone bag, is ready for those that need them. So that the many tonnes of plastic that are so easily disregarded and thrown away, can finally start to reduce down to a healthy and reasonable amount. With an innovative product that can drastically diminish the use of plastics, it is most certainly possible. And luckily, we have just the one.  


You can take your own steps and alter small things in your own life to continue the support and truly start to make a difference. Being the founder, I felt it was my duty to set an example to others. What sort of person would I be if I didn’t practise what I preached? I live in an apartment without a rubbish chute, meaning that it requires a tremendous effort to organise waste packages and take them to the bins to ensure I am not mixing waste. My apartment resides in a Landfilled suburb in Sydney Australia, but I want things to change. It is my mission, and any that wish to join, to develop an eco-friendly product and reduce single-use plastic products in and around Sydney Australia. 

But I truly believe that we can make this bigger than ourselves, and spread this message of positivity across the globe. With your support, I know that I can take the plunge, and grow the brand to something bigger than Sydney. Only together can we make a change. 


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